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Chamomile or camomile is a common name for several daisy-like plants. These plants are best known for their ability to be made into a tea which is commonly used to help with sleep and is often served with either honey or lemon.

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"Whatever a man's age, he can reduce it several years by putting a bright-colored flower in his buttonhole." - Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens 1835-1910) - American humorous writer

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Hello, dear guests of our holiday portal of flowers and gifts! Given the current abundance of goods, it is often difficult to choose from them something as a holiday gift. We very much tried by this site is to simplify this task. When choosing flowers or a gift for a holiday, take advantage of useful material published on this site, as well as on the following topics: "Different flower type wedding", "Basket of melting orchids for mother peterborough", "Delivering personable basket of peonies and pledge in new hampshire", "Royal staffordshire flower basket", "Blue wildflower butterfly". We wish you pleasant and helpful to spend time on our site!

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In many parts of the world pink lilies are used to bring harmony and joy to the home. The sweet, gentle fragrance of this flower creates a feeling of tranquility. These spectacularly large, long-lasting fluted hybrid with blossoms that open in succession for continuous blooming.

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Summer Nights

No housewarming is complete without housewarming flowers or plants. For a fast and easy way to help anyone feel at home in their new place, give these housewarming flowers and plants.

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Flowers have held an eminent place in our art, religions, pharmacopoeia, and kitchens since ancient times. Tangled pea vines and primitive roses are depicted on Bronze Age artifacts. Mustard flowers were included in Roman love potions for their aphrodisiac powers.

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Aromatic Birthday Flowers

Sunflowers conjure up visions of sunny, summer days and fields of yellow. The head-heavy, statuesque flower is native to North America and has been cultivated here for an estimated 8,000 years.

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Sunrise Sunset

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