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Gloriosa is a genus of five or six species in the plant family Colchicaceae, from tropical Africa and Asia. The most common English names are flame lily, fire lily, gloriosa lily, glory lily, superb lily, climbing lily, and creeping lily.

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Most people position their floral arrangements in highly visible places such as the living and dining rooms, and in hallways and entrance halls. In other words, the flowers are placed in areas where visitors are welcomed.

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Birthday flowers for her are always a good bet. Flowers anytime, especially "just because" are a great idea as well, but flowers for her birthday, especially favorite flowers or roses will always make her feel appreciated.

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Apart from red ones, popular Valentine roses are purple, coral, and orange. Purple again signifies love at first sight. Coral and orange roses indicate want.

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Combining two roses together, a red and a white, symbolizes unity, commitment or even an engagement. Presented with an engagement ring, these combined roses could say more than words.

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The cheerful colours of the sun...

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Studies show that flowers heal the sick and bring smiles to the faces of the aging. Flowers have appositive effect on our well being and alleviate feelings of anxiety and depression.

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