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Stokesia laevis is a species of flowering plant native to southeastern North America, the only species in the genus Stokesia. It is in the daisy family. The flowers appear in the summer and are purple (sometimes blue, pale purple, or even white).

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Flowers bring a touch of spring into homes. In fact, people believe that homes with flowers have fewer fights, bouts of sickness, or unhappiness. It does not have to be enormous or expensive. Just a single stem surrounded by greens will make a difference.

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It was in 1965 that the American poet Allen Ginsberg came up with the term flower power and recent research shows that blooms really do spread happiness and joy that people beck then believed.

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Non toxic garden flowers and plants:
Sunny Smiles

Believe it or not, but recent behavioral studies have uncovered quite possibly the simplest way to improve emotional health and wellbeing flowers. Flowers are also able to enhance good feelings such as life satisfaction and also affect how people behave in a social situation.

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The presence of flowers triggers happy emotions, heightens feelings of satisfaction and affects people's behaviour in much more positive ways than has been previously believed.

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Flowers are plants known for their aesthetic values. They are useful for very important occasions such as meetings, weddings and condolence visits. When used as gifts, they usually send more heart warming messages to the recipients than other valuables such as money and jewelry.

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Non toxic garden flowers and plants:
Sweetest Thing

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